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Beer Dates in Colorado

Most of the breweries headquartered in Colorado use similar date codes, because a lot of them are owned by the same company. How convienent.

In fact, this page, at the moment, almost completely useless. If you can't read the expiration dates on the beers listed below, you need serious help. I irrationally look forward to the day that I discover a Coloradoan beer that actually requires some deciphering.

For more useful information about beer in Colorado, try Mitch Mather's Colorado Brewpub Guide.

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Blue Moon Brewing Company
(Denver, Colorado)

One of the many subsidiaries of Coors, Blue Moon uses human-language expiration dates, in MMMMDDY format (e.g. SEPT116). Note that's actually a bit more information than the Coors expiration date format, which doesn't include a year.

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Coors Brewing Company
(Golden, Colorado)

Coors was something of a pioneer in expiration dating, even running television commercials announcing their system. Dates are found in MMMDD format (i.e., don't drink anything dated before JAN24), on the necks of bottles, bottoms of cans, tops of boxes, and the sides of cartons and Composipacs™.

Coors primary product lines are Coors®, Extra and Keystone. Subsidiaries of Coors produce Blue Moon, Killian's, and Zima. That may sound like a small brand portfolio, but Coors is actually the third-largest brewing company in the United States.

Coors' manufacturer number is 71990.

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Great Divide Brewing Company
(Denver, Colorado)

The brewers of Saint Brigid's Porter ™ use a notched date which (unlike most notch-dated beers) indicates when the beer was bottled.

Great Divide's manufacturer number is 90586.

Mile High Brewing Company
(Denver, Colorado)

Timberline beers had a nine-character (2 blocks of 4 digits each) number stamped on the bottom of their bottles. The second block might be a Julian bottling date, year trailing, but it's not really important, since the brewery was shut down at the beginning of 1997.

New Belgium Brewing Company
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Entry added 12 May 2002. Well, it isn't owned by Coors, but it does use easy-to-read dates. Bottles labels have a DDMMMYY "Best Before" date in the lower right corner.

New Belgium's manufacturer number is 54527.

UniBev Ltd.
(Golden, Colorado)

UniBev, Ltd. was a subsidiary of Coors that handled specialty brands (like Killian's and Blue Moon) from 1993 to 1998. It used Coors' expiration codes and manufacturer number.

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