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Beer Dates at
The Coors Brewing Company
(Golden, Colorado)

Entry updated 22 March 2001. Currently the third largest brewery in the United States, Coors Brewing has a much larger market share in the Western half of the country than in the East. (When I was The Beer Guy back in Michigan, my Coors' orders were less than 10% the size of my Anheuser-Busch orders. Here in Arizona, grocery stores are practically building forts out of the stuff.)

Coors was (to my knowledge) the first brewery to make an issue of product dates in their television advertising. That officially makes them one of The Good Guys as far as is concerned.

Coor's manufacturer number is 71990. All its subsidiaries use 71990 as well.

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Coors' Product Lines

Besides the eponymous Coors ® line of beers, Coors produces the Keystone line under their own name. Various subsidiaries of Coors brew Blue Moon, Killian's, Saranac, and Zima®. (Actually, Killian's used to be labeled as brewed by Coors, but now the UniBev subsidiary is used.)

Code Placement

Bottles and cans are dated in the usual places -- Coors should also be commended for using colored inks on bottles so they're easier to read than most beers. Boxes of cans are usually dated near the handle, although once in a while I see dates on the opposite side (somebody put the box in the stamping machine backwards, I guess.) 12-packs of bottles are dated directly over one of the handles. Cartons are dated on the long side.

If I were you, I would be extremely wary of any box of Coors Light that's "missing" its expiration date. A distributor salesperson (who mind you, doesn't work for Coors directly) once confessed to me that the date stamp on those silver boxes can be removed with nail-polish remover. Confessions like this do not inspire confidence in distributors or retailers.

Code Scheme

I'm bored. Let's examine the Coors product code in more detail than necessary, using an example from a Coors 24 (can) pack. Special thanks to Tom Snyder who filled in some blanks for me.

MAR 09 01050H AA165

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