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Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company
(Portland, Oregon)

Until the year 2000, Blitz-Weinhard beers was a subsidiary of G. Heilman, and presumably used G. Heilman's expiration date system. Weinhard beers are no longer in production. Miller Brewing is the current owner of the Blitz-Weinhard brands.

Full Sail Brewing Company
(Hood River, Oregon)

Full Sail uses a Best By date on its labels. The date is actually punched, connect-the-dots style that's difficult to read in bad light. (It's really annoying when you're in a dimly lit bar, trust me.) This is exactly the same format used by Red Hook.

Oregon Ale and Beer Company
(Portland, Oregon)

A very well-disguised subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company (I didn't know that until I saw it on Dateline NBC), Oregon currently places a notched date (with the tagline "Enjoy By" on the left side of the bottle label. Older bottles have a DDDY julian date on the bottle's shoulder.

The Oregon Ale and Beer Company's manufacturer number is 97096.

Rogue Ales Brewing Company
(Portland, Oregon)

Not only does Rogue Ales refuse to put dates on their products, but they categorically deny that such dates are useful.

Rogue's product portfolio includes Saint Rogue Red, Shakespeare Stout, Rogue Mocha Porter (formerly Rogue New Porter), HazelNut Brown Nectar, Rogue-N-Berry, Rogue Ale, Oregon Golden Ale, American Amber, Mogul Ale (a.k.a Mogul Madness), Cran-N-Cherry, Maierbock, Mexicali Rogue, Mo Ale, Rogue Smoke (a.k.a Welkommen), Old Crustacean, Imperial Stout, and McRogue Scotch Ale.

Saxer Brewing Company
(Lake Oswego, Oregon)

Saxer (producer of the Three Finger Jack ™ line of beers) does not put product dates on its beers. Saxer's manufacturer number is 54468.

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
(Portland, Oregon)

I've only encountered a couple of bottles from Widmer Brothers, so I can't tell you much. Each bottle had a production code stamped on the side, near the bottom, but too faded for me to make out, so Widmer bottles may or may not have a useful date in there. That's the best I can give you for now.

(Anheuser-Busch purchased an interest in Widmer, so there's a good chance the dating scheme will change, anyway.)

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