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I can't think of anything witty to say about this state, so I'm just going to go off on a tangent: You know, they always say "Mississippi" is the hard one to spell, but I always have more trouble with "Tennessee".

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New Knoxville Brewing Company
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

Entry added 3 December 1999. This microbrewery is the first (and so far, only) brewery to contact directly, so I'll just turn the floor over to their man, Ed Vendely:

We notch date bottled on the bottle label, and stamp the bottle date on the case box top and side. We tell folks our beer should be good 90 to 120 days if not abused by heat/light exposure - if kept refrigerated, we have had six month old beer of ours which is still VERY drinkable - but we have also had beer only two weeks old that was less than "fresh" tasting due to being left out in an environment with over 80 degree temperatures ......

So listen to Ed, already. Keep your beer refrigerated, and out of the sun!

Zima Beverage Company
(Memphis, Tennessee)

Zima™ (a subsidiary of Coors) stamps plain-English dates on their bottles and cans. Zima's manufacturer number is 71990 -- the same as Coors Brewing.

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