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No, you haven't been drinking too much. shoves a lot of detail into a small space, so it might seem overwhelming at first glance. Don't worry; after you click around a bit, it'll all make perfect sense. Even if it doesn't, you've got this page to help you.

How This Site is Organized

The underlying structure of is geographic. Breweries are gathered into groups by state (for domestic beers) or country (for imports). As includes more regional breweries, I figure regional pages will be easier for regional drinkers to keep tabs on.

A few of the larger domestic and international breweries have individual, extra-detailed pages. (Putting all that data on the regional pages would have been information overload.)

How to Find Things

If you're completely lost, I apologize. Try the Beer Dies! search page.

How to Read the Brewery Entries

Although the format may look pretty free-form, hyperlink placement within individual brewery entries is actually very structured. It's easier to demonstrate this than explain it, so take a look at the (completely bogus) brewery described below, and select any hyperlink you're curious about. The link will take you to an explanation of where the link would have gone (if this was a real entry).

Big Bull Beer Brewing Company
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Big Bull, including Big Bull Light®, and Big Bull Malt Liquor, have a julian date on the necks of bottles and bottoms of cans.

Big Bull's manufacturer number is 00000.

Key to Hyperlinking

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