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Revision Log for

1 November 2003

It's long overdue, but this site now has it's own domain name.

11 June 2002

Aped Mexico.

12 April 2002

If you've been clicking around, you may have noticed that some pages look different than the rest. We're about 2/3 of the way through a major upgrade of the site. Everything should be back in place by the end of April.

3 December 1999

Aped Tennessee.

11 September 1999

We've survived Weirdness Week (there were a few quirks with the sidebar menus that had to be ironed out), so it's time to tempt fate by giving its own guestbook! (It had been sharing a site-wide guestbook with the other directories at this site.)

4 September 1999 has officially moved to its new home at, complete with a new look, and a pretense of sponsorship. Consider the next week or so to be the public debugging phase. -- it's weirder, but better.

8 July 1999

Chopped up the old New England into four separate state pages.

04 Febuary 1999

Added some WAP pages, which I won't link to here because your browser couldn't load them anyway.

6 September 1998

Finished a structural overhaul of every single page, upgrading the HTML, cleaning up the hypertext structure (lots more gratuitous hyperlinks now), aping some details, updating a few entries, aping two entries, and finally aping a help page for

12 July 1998

Beginning a long-overdue Big Update, I added pages for:

and updated pages for:

While I'm updating content, I'm also phasing in HTML 4.0 (for most pages) and some scripts to ap expiration dates to some pages.

11 July 1998

I was all set to begin a big update when I discovered that a configuration change at Superb Internet was causing every perl script in to malfunction, so I had to stop and fix them. Sheesh.

10 June 1997

Added Finland.

02 June 1997

Added Illinois.

02 January 1997

Got some information on the Kirin Brewing Company, allowing me to set up Japan.

28 December 1996

I did a huge amount of tweaking to most of the pages in, aping more information on manufacturer numbers, a bunch of hyperlinks to breweries, straightening out some owner/subsidiary relationships, and creating a Beer Dies! in Holland. (It may be hard to believe, but this the fastest I thrown together a major section of

26 December 1996

Added a page for California Breweries.

03 December 1996

Fixed some small bugs that the weekend revealed in the CGI scripts (Hey, I'm new to perl) and revised the Anheuser-Busch product dates page. I'm beginning to hate that page.

01 December 1996

Aped two distilleries to the Wine Coolers page, and continued phasing in those CGI scripts.

27 November 1996

Started aping a set of small CGI scripts (seriously, the longest is 5 lines of perl), so that can provide real-time updates of expiration dates. Added this page.

11 November 1996 comes out of the developer's closet, albeit in a rough, CGI-free version.

14 August 1996

Put together a prototype of Beer Dies!, but disliked it so much that I put the project on hold for three months. (The prototype put everything on a single 11 Kb page!) is the independent consumer guide to beer product dating. It is not owned, operated, affiliated with, or endorsed by any brewery or brewing company. In other words, if you want to send e-mail to a beer company, don't send it to me. © Michael Bauser